About Us

A holistic initiative aiming to immerse its participants in a unique Quranic experience through interactive activities before, during, and after Ramadan


During the ‘prepare’ stage, the initiative aims to teach participants effective concepts needed for a fruitful Ramadan


By the ‘act’ stage, the participants have already received the prerequisite training needed to start their Ramadan action plan


During the ‘continue’ stage, the focus is on maintaining continuity and consistency post-Ramadan

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6 Exciting Activities to Prepare and Motivate you Throughout the Month of Ramadan!

1 - Ramadan Prep Bootcamp

A one-day online camp aiming to prepare participants for the best Ramadan they could have.

2 - Surah Al-Asr Crash Course

A well-structured and interactive course aiming to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of Surah Al-Asr.

3 - Surah Al-Kahf Crash Course

An interactive course equipping participants with a comprehensive understanding of Surah Al-Kahf.

4 - Resources

Holistic and multifaceted content that addresses Ramadan in every possible way.

5 - Daily Recitation Tracking System

A system that aims to monitor accountability between participants who are trying to achieve bigger goals during Ramadan relating to Quran recitation.

6 - Blog

Weekly articles on how to maximise your Ramadan goals, how to connect with the Quran fruitfully, and, how to continue your good deeds after Ramadan.